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Why you should be selling ergonomic chairs?

Updated: Mar 30

Low price as a strategic positioning for retailers, may be appropriate for some consumer goods, like in a Dollar Tree, but Furniture, especially #WorkChairs are more important, as an average person spends 25-30% of their adult life in an office chair. If that is not #Ergonomic & comfortable, it could lead to serious health issues and employees leaving a company and ultimately a bad reputation, for us as a furniture store. You would obviously like to

Ergonomic Chairs supplier - Stellar

establish your reputation as a seller of high-quality products at reasonable prices and that may be one of the most important reasons for stocking high-quality ergonomic chairs from Stellar. Whether you are working in the office or at home, we know how important it is to be able to work comfortably. We see numerous cases of people with a bad posture suffering from ailments such as backaches, shoulder pain, restless legs, sore hips and more. Although the importance of good posture and frequent exercise cannot be undermined, a lot of this is avoidable by using ergonomic chairs as well.

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

An ergonomic chair provides comfort and support where needed. Specifically designed with the human form in mind, ergonomic seating ensures you can sit for long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable and causing long term damage to your body.

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair

At first glance, you may not notice much difference between a standard office chair and an ergonomic chair but, they couldn’t be further apart. Here’s why:

1) Improved level of comfort – ergonomic chairs provide lumbar support. This helps to prevent lower back pain which is often the result of not sitting properly for extended time periods. Ergonomic chairs are designed to match the natural curve in your back meaning your back can rest properly with the chair.

2) Maintain correct posture – ergonomic chairs facilitate your body’s natural posture by making you sit correctly. Over time, this allows your body to naturally recognise your correct posture with lumbar support and seat adjustments helping with this.

3) Reduction in muscle stress – ergonomic seating means you can sit in the optimal position allowing your body to feel completely relaxed. This means there is no adverse effect on your muscles so you do not experience stress or strain. If you already experience muscle pain, ergonomic chairs can help alleviate this.

4) Make the most of your space – all ergonomic chairs come with standard features to ensure you are comfortable whilst sitting down. In addition to lumbar support, features such as adjustable armrests and headrests allow you to adjust the chair to suit you and your surroundings. If you need to save on space, you can alter the chair so that it can be tucked away more easily.

5) Long term health benefits – although not instantly obvious, ergonomics is fundamental to your health. The long term effects of sitting on an uncomfortable chair can lead to hard to treat problems. An ergonomic chair encourages correct posture which minimises aches and pains, in turn keeping your healthier and happier.

What to look for in an ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chairs come in many shapes and sizes and it can be hard knowing exactly what to look out for but, don’t worry that’s where we come in. Seat height is a really important factor to consider when looking for a new chair. It should be easily adjustable to allow your feet to rest comfortably on the floor so that your thighs are horizontal.

The lower back support, also known as the lumbar support in a chair is another important factor to consider. The lumbar support gives a curve at the lower part of the backrest on the chair to give support and stop you from slouching and therefore avoid a bad back.

Seat width and depth should be another consideration when opting for an ergonomic chair. The seat should have enough space around it to support any user comfortably. The depth of the chair needs to be enough so that the person sitting down can have their back on the back of the backrest. There should be between two and four inches between the back of the knees and the chair.

Additional features such as armrests and a headrest are also great features of an ergonomic chair, they allow flexibility so you decide when you want to use them. Armrests allow your shoulders to relax and are mostly used when the person sitting down is taking a short break.

Considering the material of your chair can also vastly improve how comfortable you are. Breathable material ensures you can stay ventilated when in a warm, stuffy office. Mesh designed ergonomic chairs can also give the added value of being aesthetically pleasing and can be found in many colours to suit your environment.

Stellar Ergonomic Chairs

Stellar is a leading trans-national office furniture manufacturing company, with factories in China and India. We make high-quality ergonomic chairs with Mesh as well as PU upholstery and currently export to over 80 countries worldwide.

Not only are Stellar chairs made using high quality components, they are also covered under a standard Stellar #Warranty, even for the least expensive entry level chairs. As manufacturers we are able to give you various customisation options as well, to suit the needs of your local market and to help you sel better.

Connect with a Business Development Manager at Stellar Global, to get a free, no obligations quote for your furniture requirements. You can also combine chairs, desks and other products to make up a full container when you place your order.

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