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What Type Of Fabric to Choose for Office Chair?

Chair fabric material selection for offices is one of the key criteria to make an office space that is comfortable, adds value, affordable and appealing.

office chair mesh fabric
Stellar Office Chair

Here’s what you need to consider before you choose your Chair Fabric:

Furniture location: Will the furniture be used regularly? Answering this can play a key role in deciding the durability of the fabric. If you need the chair for regular use, you should choose the fabric that can sustain for longer.

stellar office chair
Sun-lit office space

Sunlight exposure – Positioning the chair in a sun-lit area can affect the fabric of the chair, selecting fabrics that are more durable will be a better choice for these areas.

office space stellar chair
Office Space

Colour, Size and Aesthetics – While deciding the placement and the usage of the chair, the colour and size can make the working space more pleasing and add value aesthetically. Selecting vibrant bright colour fabric gives a peppy and cheery feeling or the use of warm tone fabric for chilling or relaxing office area, would define office areas better.

stellar office chair maintain
Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance: Cleaning your chair fabric is another key determinant in deciding the fabric type. Some fabric can be cleaned with water-based cleaners and some with dry based cleaner. For longer durability, some fabric comes with extra stain protection. Choose fabric depending on the kind of care you can manage for your chair.

Once we have considered the above factors, it will assist in selecting the type of Chair material suited best for your office needs. Following are the fabric options for your chairs:

Fabric: Cloth fabrics range from cotton to synthetic fibres and are also made with specially treated materials for long durability. Choose from a wide variety of colours and patterns depending on your office environment. Cloth fabric is comfortable and aesthetically appealing and its breathability features make it a good pick.

chair office fabric
Stellar Fabric Office Chair

Vinyl – Vinyl is durable and easy to clean and hence proving to be cost-effective. It maintains its style and looks even with continuous usage. The only drawback, it's not a ‘breathe friendly’ fabric. Mostly used for stools and office chairs.

mesh office chair stellar
Stellar Mesh Office Chair

Mesh – The demand for mesh chair is on the rise since they provide better ventilation. This allows better airflow, making it ‘breathe friendly’ and more comfortable for the employees.

Leather – Leather is considered the most opted option especially for executive office chairs. Associated with being classy leather furniture adds to the aesthetics of any office space. It’s important though to choose the right colour and leather quality. Leather lasts much longer than any other fabric but is expensive.

leather veganleather office chair stellar
Leather Office Chair

Vegan Leather – Vegan leather or artificial leather is also a good option if you need the exclusivity at a relatively cheaper cost than leather. Vegan leather is also environment friendly, unlike real Leather.

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