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What to look out for when selecting an office chair?

officechair stellar

Adjustable Height:

The height of the chair should be easily adjustable. This helps in keeping feet on the floor and arms even with the height of the desk. A chair with a pneumatic gas lift will help in adjusting the seat height as per the user. A seat height of 16-21 inches generally works for most people.

stellarofficechair backrest

Adjustable Backrest:

A backrest with a locking mechanism can help the user to adjust the back support as per their comfort. A slightly reclined posture helps in protecting the spine while using the chair for long hours. A 100-110 degree angle is recommended for long working hours.

stellar officechair adjust backsupport

Seat Dimensions:

You need a chair that is large enough to accommodate the general body size. Avoid selecting a seat that is too narrow or broad. Deep chairs cause the user to hunch forward, and wide seats make it uncomfortable to sit.

Material and Padding:

It is very important to choose a well-padded seat base; hard surfaces are not good for long sitting hours. Having a cloth fabric or mesh back that allows breathing space helps in avoiding sweaty backs and discomfort.

Castor and wheels:

We generally forget to notice the castor and wheels, thinking about the limitation of options. There are wide options of castor and wheels available in the market. You need to analyse and decide the right ones as per your needs. Generally, smaller wheels experience more stress during use and tend to be more difficult to roll. Larger wheels are better for frequent use and travelling over high pile carpet.

stellar officechair castor wheels


There are many distinctive features in a chair that helps decrease stress to the body. Lumbar support can help reduce lower back body strains which are very common in working professionals. A well adjustable armrest and head support will also help in reducing stress to arms and head.

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