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The Surprisingly easy way to grow your Office Furniture Business

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Let's face it, we have all had a very difficult time in the office furniture business for the last two years. Due to Covid, lockdowns and work from home, the office furniture business growth has been tepid at best. But there has been a real and present opportunity for those aspiring to grow their business on the back of strategic and out of the box thinking. In this post today, we outline the 3 biggest and easiest ways for you to continue to grow your office furniture business, which others like you have also successfully done already.

1. Undertake Commercial Projects

Office furniture retailers, retail chains and furniture stores often do not explore and hunt for commercial projects that need furniture because of its very complex nature. Commercial projects like schools, colleges, libraries, auditoria, government buildings, hotels, hospitals etc need a lot of services that a typical retail store may not be equipped for.

These include designing and 3D rendering of the products, integrating with the interior designers involved for understanding and advising on workflows, potential bottlenecks etc, then preparing product specifications, quotations, custom designs and helping with manufacturing, shipping and installation. It's just too complex.

But here's the Good News - Stellar works with numerous partners worldwide, many of who are interior designers and architects themselves. We provide end to end turnkey support so that you can confidently source business and leave the heavy lifting to our project teams who will support you at every step of the project implementation.

2. Expand to Home Office Furniture & Gaming Chairs

Even though normalcy is already getting restored increasingly with each passing day, 'Work From Home' or WFH has become a trend that is likely to stay in the times to come. During Covid, there was a massive increase in this category but it is going to remain an important part of the business even in the next few years.

If you are not selling 'SOHO' or 'Home Office' furniture already, maybe you should seriously consider that and get help from the expert team at Stellar to guide you on what are the latest products in this category.

3. Work with trusted manufacturers who share global insights and business trends rather than just try to sell you a product.

That is our biggest differentiator at Stellar, as we treat our retailers, resellers, distributors and partners as our extended arms. We love to discuss and share business insights and help you with the trends that are working for other furniture stores in the world or in your surrounding areas so that you can also advantage from their learnings and best practices.

With a network of over 80 countries worldwide and an experience of more than 32 years in the business, Stellar has an immense wealth of knowledge that we can share with you and would love to arrange an online meeting to understand your business goals and how we can be your partners in progress. Visit us at

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