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Revolving Chairs Vs Fixed Legs

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

When considering office chairs, there is a distinct feature that catches our eye and grabs our interest: the rotating base. Have you ever pondered over the origins of this clever mechanism and why office chairs have a revolving base?

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the realm of components found in office chairs, examining the necessity, challenges, maintenance, industry standards, superior quality, advantages of stationary chairs, and the top-notch brands offering swivel chairs. Whether you are contemplating a chair with a rotating base or a chair with fixed legs, we have all the information you need.

Revolving Chairs versus Chairs with Fixed Legs

The Need for a Revolving Base

The concept of a revolving base for chairs emerged from the practical requirements of an office environment. When working in an office, mobility and ease of movement are paramount. A swivel base allows users to rotate their chair effortlessly, granting access to various areas within their workspace without the need to strain or stand up repeatedly. This enhances productivity, as individuals can seamlessly navigate around their desk, interact with colleagues, and access documents or equipment within arm's reach.

When it comes to revolving chairs, finding the best supplier is essential. In the United Kingdom, the top choice for a revolving chair supplier is known for their high-quality products and reliable service. For those looking for a supplier from China, the best option is a reputable revolving chair supplier that offers top-notch chairs and excellent customer support. Whether you're searching for the best revolving chair supplier in the UK or the best revolving chair supplier from China, it's crucial to prioritize quality and reliability.

The Inventor and Evolution of the Swivel Base

The credit for inventing the swivel base goes to none other than Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States. In 1775, Jefferson designed a writing chair with a revolving seat, enabling him to multitask efficiently while drafting important documents. His invention was a revolutionary step forward in office chair design, and its impact can still be felt today.

Over the years, the swivel base has undergone significant improvements and refinements. Manufacturers have incorporated advanced mechanisms, such as ball bearings, to ensure smooth rotation and durability. Today, office chairs with swivel bases are available in a wide range of styles and designs, catering to diverse ergonomic needs and aesthetic preferences.

Common Problems and Repairs

the aesthetics of a beautifully designed chair that combines style and functionality.

One frequent annoyance is the emergence of squeaking sounds emanating from the chair's base. The culprit behind this unpleasant noise is often friction between the moving parts. The good news is that this problem can be swiftly addressed through proper maintenance. By applying a suitable lubricant to the components responsible for the squeaking, the friction can be minimized, ultimately silencing the unwanted sounds.

Another predicament that may arise is stiffness in the rotation of the chair. When the swivel base becomes resistant to movement, it can hinder the chair's flexibility and user experience. In many cases, this stiffness can be easily alleviated by identifying and tightening any loose screws or bolts within the mechanism. Ensuring that all the fasteners are securely in place can restore the smoothness of the chair's rotation, allowing you to glide effortlessly as you work.

Occasionally, a more serious issue may occur—a complete immobility of the swivel base. If your chair refuses to budge, even after attempts to rotate it, it's an indicator that some of the internal components may be worn-out or damaged. In such cases, it's advisable to seek professional assistance or consult the chair's manufacturer for guidance. Replacing worn-out bearings or damaged components may be necessary to restore the full mobility and functionality of the chair's swivel base.

Remember, proper maintenance and timely repairs are crucial in ensuring the longevity and performance of your office chair. By addressing these common problems and implementing the necessary repairs, you can continue to enjoy the convenience and comfort offered by your swivel-based office chair for years to come.

Standards and Quality Assurance

In the realm of office furniture, standards and quality play a crucial role in ensuring user comfort, safety, and longevity. Reputed manufacturers adhere to international standards and certifications, such as ISO 9001, which validate their commitment to producing ergonomic and durable products.

When selecting an office chair, it is essential to consider the materials used, construction techniques, and warranty provided by the manufacturer. High-quality chairs with swivel bases are designed to withstand frequent use, offer proper lumbar support, and promote good posture, thus minimizing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Benefits of Non-Revolving Chairs

Revolving Chairs vs Fixed Legs: Exploring the Aesthetically Pleasing Chair Design

Fixed chairs offer numerous benefits when compared to their revolving counterparts. Below are some notable advantages:

Cost Savings: One significant advantage of fixed chairs is the cost savings they provide. Generally, these chairs are more budget-friendly compared to revolving chairs. The absence of a revolving mechanism reduces production costs, making fixed chairs a cost-effective option for various environments.

Optimized Space Utilization: Fixed chairs are designed to maximize the efficient utilization of space. Since they remain in a fixed position, they can be stacked or arranged in a more compact manner within containers or storage areas. This optimized use of space leads to lower transportation costs, as more chairs can be accommodated per container load, ultimately reducing the overall transportation expenses per chair.

Lower Maintenance Expenses: Another benefit of fixed chairs is their reduced maintenance costs. Without a revolving mechanism, there are fewer movable parts that may require regular servicing or repairs. This results in decreased maintenance expenses, making fixed chairs a financially wise long-term investment.

Best Brands of Revolving Chairs

  1. Stellar: Stellar offers a range of synchronized chairs with high-back or mid-back options. Their revolving chairs are designed with precision engineering, ensuring smooth rotation and optimal ergonomic support. With a focus on comfort and durability, Stellar chairs are crafted using high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern design or a classic executive look, Stellar has a revolving chair to suit your specific needs.

  2. ErgoFlex: Known for their commitment to ergonomic excellence, ErgoFlex produces revolving chairs that prioritize user comfort and spinal health. These chairs feature adjustable lumbar support, breathable mesh backrests, and intuitive controls for personalized adjustments. With a reputation for superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, ErgoFlex has become a trusted name in the world of revolving office chairs.

  3. ComfortMax: As the name suggests, ComfortMax specializes in creating chairs that offer unparalleled comfort. Their revolving chairs boast plush cushioning, contoured seat designs, and a wide range of adjustable features. ComfortMax focuses on enhancing user experience through ergonomic innovation, ensuring that each chair promotes proper posture and reduces the risk of discomfort or fatigue.

  4. FlexiSeat: FlexiSeat takes pride in their versatile revolving chairs, designed to adapt to various work settings. Whether you require a chair for a dynamic office environment or a collaborative workspace, FlexiSeat has options to meet your requirements. Their chairs feature flexible seating surfaces, 360-degree swivel bases, and customizable ergonomic features. With a reputation for reliability and adaptability, FlexiSeat has become a popular choice among businesses seeking flexible seating solutions.

How to Choose: Revolving Chair or Fixed Legs?

Now that we have explored the components, benefits, and top brands of revolving chairs, it's time to address the question of how to choose between a chair with a swivel base and one with fixed legs. The decision ultimately depends on your specific needs and work environment.

If you prioritize mobility, frequent interaction with colleagues, and the ability to access various areas of your workspace without standing up, a revolving chair is likely the best choice for you. The 360-degree rotation and smooth swivel action will facilitate effortless movement and enhance productivity.

On the other hand, if your work primarily involves focused tasks, such as lengthy periods of concentration or limited movement within your workspace, a chair with fixed legs may be more suitable. Fixed-leg chairs offer stability and are often favored in executive offices, conference rooms, or formal settings where mobility is not a priority.

Stellar's Solution: Synchronized Chairs

Stellar understands that each individual has unique preferences and requirements when it comes to office seating. That's why they offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including synchronised chairs with both high-back and mid-back options. Their synchronised chairs combine the best of both worlds, providing the flexibility of a revolving chair with the stability of fixed legs.

By choosing Stellar's synchronised chairs, you can customize your seating experience to match your specific needs. Whether you require a high-back chair for additional neck and upper back support or a mid-back chair for a more casual and versatile seating option, Stellar has you covered.


In conclusion, when it comes to chairs components, the decision of whether to opt for a swivel base that can revolve or not ultimately depends on your personal preferences and requirements. However, with Stellar's synchronised chairs, you have the opportunity to customize your seating experience to perfectly align with your specific needs. By choosing their innovative solutions, you can enjoy the flexibility and comfort of a swivel base, or opt for a stationary option if that better suits your workspace.

To explore the possibilities and discover how Stellar Global can assist you in enhancing your reselling business, reach out to them today by visiting Take the first step towards improved seating and contact Stellar Global now.

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