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Prepare for the Black Friday Sale (for Furniture Resellers)

Black Friday Sale is a mark for the sale season to start, followed by Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year. All stores and websites will start their sale from November beginning. So when is the right time to stock up for your furniture store? How should you prepare for the sale season? Let’s discuss.



If you are a regular importer, you would know that you need to plan at least a few months in advance for the products you need to import. The right time so to say should be august, so you can finalise the products, have a decent time for production, and receive the container after transit in time for you to prepare your stock and catalogues for the November sale season.



You first need to analyse the market and understand the products your customer need. Are your customers looking for high-end products or do they prefer economical options? What kind of design preference do they have?

Look for manufacturers that can provide you with these products, and are experienced enough to be trusted for quality and delivery on time. Compare the cost with the quality of the product you are getting.



Product choice can be different from place to place and time to time. But following certain general trends can be a good idea. Ergonomic has become a buzzword worldwide, people are looking for ergonomic desks and chairs for their workplaces. Work from home has become another big trend since the lockdown. People are looking for smart desks and chair options for their home office setup.

Standing tables are also in top trends for 2021. Stellar has global product experts who follow the trends in each market and can help you choose the right types of products for your specific market.




Stellar is a multinational company from China, manufacturing Office furniture for 31yrs, exporting to 80+ countries. Stellar is known for its quality and cost-effective solutions. Stellar has a wide range of Office Chairs, Desks, Work from home furniture and much more. Get in touch with the Stellar Team to understand how they can help you prepare your furniture store for the Sale season.

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