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Planning Your Office Renovation?

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Considering an office renovation is an exciting time for any business. It means a fresh start, a revitalized identity, and an updated aesthetic that’s sure to impress your clients, customers and guests. Although office renovation is not always easy, having a detailed plan beforehand makes the process smoother, helps keep the budget in check, and creates an office space you and your employees will be happy to work in.

At Stellar which is an office chair and office furniture manufacturer in China, we specialize in office renovations and turnkey projects, so contact us for more information about our services at

Stellar Office Furniture

The amount of time that it actually takes to plan out your office renovation is typically underestimated. So we’re going to give you a few pointers on when to start planning your office renovation; along with some tips and tricks. Everyone wants to get the most out of their investment when it comes to doling out cash to renovate, and nobody wants to have to spend more money on office furniture or office chairs a year down the road. You also don’t want to anticipate having a renovated office space ready for use by a certain date, only to realize the time frame was grossly underestimated. To avoid any of those pitfalls we have some suggestions for you:

It’s vital to consider the amount of time really needed to plan. If you’re starting to think about planning your office renovation, you should allow at least 4 months for the process. This seems to be a surprise to most people when we tell them this, but there are reasons you need to allow this much time.

Factors to Consider For Your Office Renovation

1: Manufacturing & Shipping Times - There is always an option to buy ready products that have been designed and manufactured with inputs from thousands of customers like you or to have your office furniture or work chair custom manufactured. There are pros and cons on both sides, but readymade office furniture is often cheaper, faster, and of higher quality than custom furniture.

2. Scope of the Build Out - Aside from office furniture and office chairs you have other components to take into consideration during the renovation. Are you having carpet put down, or walls painted before getting your new office furniture moved in? Is there electrical work that needs to be done? The time frame the contractors need to execute these tasks also plays an integral part in the amount of time that will be needed to complete your renovation.

3. When Ordering Furniture - You need to have a detailed plan considering what your needs will be with your office furniture today and in the years to come. Will the furniture you buy today still be available in the future when you may need additional quantities or replacement? Since Stellar invests in the molds for its office chairs, we can guarantee that most products will never go out of stock.

4. Budget - Setting a realistic budget for your renovation is also important. When you start to look at doing an office renovation, setting a budget helps you not go crazy, but also helps you get a good grasp on what certain things will cost, and what things are worth investing a bit more in that will save you money in the long run.

What to Consider when buying Office Furniture for a commercial project

1. Functional Needs: Perhaps you have an oddly shaped office space and need help from an interior designer to plan the space utilization and 3D drawings to know in advance, exactly how the furniture will fit in your office. You may also need to check with your furniture supplier if they will help with turnkey project support from design to execution and installation.

2. Specific Aesthetics: It can be hard for some brands to find the perfect fit for office furniture with standard furniture. It could be important to maintain a flow in your office space that is congruent with the aesthetic of your brand. In cases like this, as far as style and colours are concerned, you need a furniture manufacturer like Stellar, who can offer highly flexible customization colors options for its entire range of desks, work chairs, reception, and storage areas.

3. Technology Needs: Depending on what type of work you do in your office, your needs can vary. If you need multiple computer screens on your office desk or have a boardroom, you may need the means to integrate space for things like cables, power, and microphones. Having custom office furniture or office chair that is designed for these technological needs not only makes things go more smoothly during the workday but also can make sure you maintain a clean look without cords and cables hanging around everywhere.

4. Quality: The quality of the furniture you pick is another factor to consider while doing your office renovation. When looking at your budget, you should take into consideration not only how comfortable and functional the pieces you select will be, but also how long will the pieces last.

For example, you can easily purchase inexpensive desk chairs. However, the comfort level will not be fantastic. This can slow down the productivity of your employees due to discomfort. In addition to that, you will forever be replacing these types of desk chairs due to being easily worn out. If you purchase a higher-end office chair like Stellar's, it will have a lifespan of 7-10 years, provide superior comfort, and in turn create an environment for better productivity.

While most desk chairs are designed to hold up to 200-250 lbs, the super-strong Stellar chairs are designed to hold up to 350 lbs, all while offering extreme comfort, thanks to superior components and high class cushioning in the seats.

office renovation with Stellar

We’ve covered some of the basic points of what you need to consider when you start planning your office renovation. Of course, renovations aren’t always one size fits all, so if you have questions about factors that may be specific to you, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at

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