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Why to source Furniture from China

China is where you’ll find the largest furniture market in the world, where you’ll find furniture manufacturers and sellers of all kinds. The huge furniture manufacturing plants, malls and markets located in Foshan’s Shunde district are well-known worldwide and attract many buyers every year because of the competitive price and better quality. Stellar is an Office Chairs and Furniture manufacturing company in Foshan China, that exports to over 80 countries worldwide and has over 32 years experience in the business. If you haven’t visited China or are not sourcing furniture already from China then you must have a lot of queries in your mind. Here are key tips for planning furniture sourcing from China.

Office Chairs Factory in Foshan China

1. Find a Partner not just a Supplier

Sourcing from China becomes a challenge because of the language barrier. Due to a lack of proper communication, you fail to understand the specifics and end up making misinformed decisions. Choose a partner company with which you can build a proper understanding of the product, it’s quality, customisation options, price and more. Stellar as an office furniture company in Foshan, has its sales and marketing office in India which ensures you do not face any language barriers as all our team members are fluent in English.

2. Source Quality Products not just Cheap

China is known for the best and the worst quality at the same time. Assuring that the partner company focuses on the quality of the product is really important. Compromising in quality is always bad for business. Therefore it makes sense for you to work with a company like Stellar which is among the few furniture manufacturers in China that are open to third party testing from international companies like SGS. Coupled with international certifications like ANSI, BIFMA, EN, ISO etc, this takes away your worry of quality when you deal with Stellar and since all our products are covered under a Stellar warranty, you can focus on your business and not have to worry about your manufacturing and logistics supply chain.

3. Compare Price point with Respect to Quality

You always want to decrease your sourcing cost to increase profits, but you must also make sure to not compromise on the quality of the product. So it’s wise to compare price point with respect to quality. While Stellar does have products in every price bracket, we are the only office chairs and furniture manufacturing company to offer a warranty on every single product, even the most low priced and entry level ones. This illustrates our confidence in the quality we offer.

4. Check Manufacturing Capability

According to your sourcing requirement, you also need to assure if the partner company has the capacity to fulfil your order. The company should have the right amount of resources in terms of space, manpower and logistics to fulfil the required order. We welcome all our customers to come and visit our 20,000 sq meter office chairs and desks factory in Foshan China online or physically. Just get in touch with someone at Stellar and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

5. Delivery Time Lines

You must also check and plan with the company the projected timelines for the order/project as it is common for many factories to be tardy and not very serious about delivery timelines. However we appreciate this need for customers to get their stock in time as that is your selling opportunity which you definitely wouldn't like to miss. Therefore at Stellar we are very very particular about timelines and commitments.

6. Packaging Standards

Bad packaging can lead to damaged goods. A lot of times products get damaged in transit or storage. Check with the company how they package the product and if it is safe for export. At Stellar we also do a thorough drop test for our packages to ensure they do not get damaged in transit.

7. Build Trust

Mutual trust with the company, after checking the company background and essential information, should be built. This is really the most important part of the Stellar experience as most of our customers build relationships for life with us. We have customers that have been buying from us since as long as 10-15 years. We value their business but value their trust even more.

8. Check After-sale support

The company should also be open to addressing your queries even after the sale. Unfortunately there are so many companies in China (as elsewhere) who will disappear after the sale is completed and it is necessary to know if the company you are looking to partner as your preferred office furniture manufacturer will continue to support you in good times as well as bad.

Stellar Office Chairs Manufacturer in Foshan China

Final word

A company that has a good client base and is in operation for more number of years can be a better choice that a fledgeling business which does not have the credentials, turnover or experience to support you in your business growth. Building a long term relationship with a company you can trust will always help you in hassle-free sourcing every time.

To find a credible reliable and trustworthy office chairs and furniture manufacturing partner in China, look no further:



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