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  • Avantika Chawla

7 Office Trends 2021

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

1. Sustainability

People have started understanding the need of going sustainable. Now it is up to business owners or companies to keep up with the changing norms. Businesses need to reflect the desire to be more sustainable now more than ever. Companies are working to decrease their carbon footprint and build more sustainable office space. Easy way to start is by selecting eco-friendly materials for the new furniture, minimising the use of single-use plastic and power saving.

2. Acoustic Furniture

Open offices have already become the norm worldwide but as all good things come with pros and cons, one of the major problems with open offices is the huge amount of distractions that make it difficult to concentrate or engage in focussed work. The ringing phones, the conversations on the next table etc become a major hindrance to productivity. Therefore acoustic furniture and acoustic panels have become a quietly trending product in the last few years. In the collaborative, open offices that are trending today, acoustics planning is a major requirement from interior designers and architects, due to which several product categories are gaining increased focus. Ambient sound is a key design consideration for every office, in order to reduce noise disturbance and enhance sound quality.

3. Ergonomics

When we think about office trends for 2021, we understand the need for ergonomic furniture in the office space. Ergonomics aims to create safe, comfortable and productive workspaces. Employees need extra care, comfort and cosiness to make them feel at home, especially now when they are resuming coming to the office.

4. Safe- Open-Large Spaces

Open and Large spaces have the liberty of socially distancing and hence ensuring safety. Open spaces that are flexible to be optimised as per the work needs and better ways of cleaning and sanitising regularly.

5. Smart Offices

Companies need to create an office design that is flexible to change – from furniture to electronics. Smart offices not only helps in saving resources but can also improve overall efficiency.

6. Investing in technology:

Only with technology were we able to connect and work even during the lockdown. Offices need to invest in technology to help employees still stay connected with their team, client or vendors without physically meeting them. Investing in better internet provider & hardware, better video-enabled personal and conference areas, better hand-free devices for avoiding any point of contact like calling an elevator or using the coffee machine.

7. Focus on wellness

The world has shifted the focus to health and wellness. People are more careful and conscious about their health now more than ever. Companies also need to focus on their employees mental and physical health. They need to provide better health care insurance and programs to ensure employees quality of life.

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