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Office Furniture Market Trends in UK and Europe

Updated: Feb 23

The office furniture market in Europe is anticipated to witness strong growth in 2022 and the next financial year as well. United Kingdom - the second-largest furniture market in Europe is experiencing an improving economy, with business confidence levels returning to growth, and expansion of businesses increasing expenditure on additional office space and furniture, the demand for office furniture is increasing steadily in the UK as well as the rest of Europe.

Some of the major factors attributing to this growth are as follows:

1. Increasing number of offices, and the emerging trends for office spaces such as flex offices and coworking spaces. These are being increasingly accepted by millennials, entrepreneurs and startups as the preferred workplace choice and is further creating opportunities for bulk office furniture purchases, commercial projects and leasing furniture solutions.

2. The growing number of people working from home or from remote locations is increasing the demand for home office equipment among retailers and manufacturers. Customers are attracted to smart, comfy, and flexible furniture design because of the easy and quick delivery alternatives. This is being further driven by e-commerce companies and internet sellers who are selling furniture online quite successfully. This has led to full Home Office Furniture collections being launched by companies like Stellar

3. Rapid creation of IT parks and commercial zones has resulted in an increase in the number of corporate offices, resulting in a need for contemporary office furniture. Several real estate companies are now offering furnished office spaces and that is driving the purchase of office furniture in bulk deals and often imported from China as the cost-benefit ratio is really favourable to do so.

4. Organizations are also creating informal office areas to improve colleague communications, collaborative environments, social connections and productivity at work. As a result of this trend, offices are getting refurbished and furniture makers are producing new types of breakout room furniture, acoustic phone booths and other intelligently designed furniture.

5. Aside from that, due to technological advancements and an increase in the number of cases of health issues caused by employees' sedentary lifestyles, there has been an increase in the demand for smart workplace furniture that promotes better posture and movement support. Companies like Stellar are increasingly making better and improved Ergonomic Chairs and other products like the Height Adjustable Desks which help maintain better posture at work.

6. Furthermore, to strengthen their distribution network, many key players in the office furniture sector are forming agreements with e-commerce retail stores. Companies like Stellar are going the extra mile by creating specific solutions for this sector that have specific needs like marketing-ready product pictures, videos, product details and assembly instructions as well as single unit packs and transit-friendly packaging.

So if you are in the Home furniture space in Europe or UK, it makes sense to also look at Office Furniture as an independent vertical. And if you are already in the Commercial furniture business, you can leverage the benefits of other ways of doing business like Projects or e-commerce. Whatever the case may be, you will always find good robust advice from the team at Stellar, who export office furniture to over 80 countries worldwide and have been in the business for over 3 decades.

Write to us at for anything related to Office Furniture and we'll be #happytohelp.

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