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How to Maintain Office Chair?

An ergonomic chair allows us to work for longer hours without stressing our back and neck. We all understand the value of a seamless office chair. Having any functional issues in the Chair can cause discomfort and hence less productivity. In order to avoid these functional issues, we need to keep our Chairs well maintained. Here are a few tips to keep your office chair clean and maintained.

officechair maintain
Maintain Office Chair

1. Regular Cleaning

Office chairs require regular cleaning. A good weekly top to bottom vacuuming will help to get rid of accumulated dust. As per the chair shape, use the right vacuum extension to avoid any damage to the chair material and to reach every hidden corner. You also need to properly clean the wheels of the chair. You can also wipe clean the chair with a soft cloth but make sure to avoid using any harsh cleaner.

tightscrewbolt officechair maintain
Tighten Screws and Bolts

2. Tighten Screws and Bolts

It is important that once every 6 months, the chair is properly inspected. All the mechanical parts should be well checked for any wear and tear. It is also important that all the screws and bolts are tightened so the chair functions flawlessly.

gasliftcylinder officechair pneumaticlift
Gas Lift Cylinder Office Chair

3. Check The Gas Lift Cylinder

Gas Lift Cylinder provides a pneumatic lift to adjust the seat height. If after tightening the screws and bolts, your chair still doesn’t stay in place, it can be an indication that the Gas Lift Cylinder is not working. This will require a change in the gas cylinder, which the chair manufacturer can provide and easily replaced by self.

4. Avoid Direct Sun Light

Direct Sunlight can harm your chair fabric. Leather and Vegan Leather generally degrade if exposed to sunlight for long hours. It is important that the Chairs are placed in a shaded area of the room.

latestdesignchair officechair
Office Chair Latest Design

5. Time for a New Chair

Office Chairs can last for 7-10 years depending on the Chair and how it is maintained. If the chair has damages beyond repair, it is suggested that the Chair should be replaced with a new chair. As manufacturers work on upgrading their technology and designs every year, opting for a new chair will ensure the best comfort and latest design.

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