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Acoustic Furniture Trends: The Sound of Success in Modern Workspaces

Updated: May 22

As the world of work continues to evolve, so do the needs and preferences of today's workforce. One trend that has gained significant traction in recent years is the use of acoustic furniture in office spaces. This sound-absorbing furniture not only improves the overall aesthetic of work environments but also addresses the crucial need for noise reduction and privacy in open-plan offices. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various aspects of this growing trend and how it is transforming modern workspaces.

A contemporary living room showcasing the latest trends in acoustic furniture

In the collaborative, open offices that are trending today, acoustics planning is a major requirement from interior designers and architects, due to which several product categories are gaining increased focus. Ambient sound is a key design consideration for every office, in order to reduce noise disturbance and enhance sound quality. Some of the noise management acoustic products trending in 2021 are:

The acoustic furniture not only enhances the aesthetics of the space but also helps to reduce echo and improve sound quality
Acoustic Cocoons

1. Acoustic Cocoons

Ergonomic seating pods or hoods

that offer employees some much-needed privacy and tranquillity. Cushioned for comfort and padded with felt on the internal surface, cocoons shelter the user from ambient noise, creating a hushed environment within. They usually come with essentials like charging points and USB ports to allow uninterrupted work. Some cocoons have in-built Bluetooth speakers and are fitted with LED lights that can be dimmed or brightened as per the user’s comfort. Cocoons can be easily detached and re-mounted at a different location, making them perfect for dynamic workspaces, shared offices and co-working spaces.

2. Acoustic Flooring

Acoustic flooring options are effective in preventing transmission of sound from an upper floor to a lower floor like from foot traffic. Together with ceiling and wall coverings, your acoustic flooring system can help create the best acoustic environment for your building’s application. Acoustic flooring is designed to insulate impact noise, preventing its transmission from your flooring into the rooms below. Floating floors, carpet pads and sound-insulating underlayment can greatly improve a flooring system’s ICC rating.

Sound absorbing wall flaps
Acoustic Wall Flaps

3. Wall flaps

Sound absorbing panels made of sliced felt, used to insulate a room from external noises. They are mounted on walls and ceilings, with the help of hinges or moving steel arms that can be tilted or rotated in any direction. Unlike unsightly wall insulators, these flaps come in vibrant colours and elegant geometric or abstract shapes. Think of them as the newest kind of wall art! The soft felt surface lets employees pin documents and charts directly on to these flaps, making them ideal for meeting rooms and brainstorm areas.

4. Wings

The privacy of a walled space, the approachability of an open office – that’s what acoustic wings offer. Wings are flat panels made of foam or fibre, which can be attached to the ceiling at a 90° angle to muffle disruptive noises. They partition off certain areas of an open office, acoustically and visually, creating a wall-like illusion without looking too harsh. They have the added advantage of cutting down screen glare and adjusting the brightness of a room.

5. Modular acoustic partitions and panels

Soundproof partitions instantly transform a space to make it more comfortable, less noisy and more aesthetically appealing. They can make an office, restaurant or any room look modern and also helps reduce noise and allows better privacy. Acoustic partitions can easily and quickly accommodate layout changes, just pick up the partition and move it to its new spot. Acoustic partitions cost much less than building permanent walls and takes much less time to install. Skip design, installation and building costs, and get right to enjoying your acoustic partitions the moment you get them. These panels can also be arranged around a cluster of work desks to shield them from sound. They function as temporary walls that can be unmounted, collapsed and moved around the office. They may have a chic opaque finish for added privacy, or be made of soundproof glass if a company needs to retain an open feel.

Acoustic wall panels
Sound absorbing panels

The Growing Need for Acoustic Furniture in Workspaces

The Open-Office Dilemma

The open-office concept has become increasingly popular over the years, with approximately 70% of employees in the U.S. working in such environments. While these spaces foster collaboration and adaptability, they also present challenges when it comes to noise and distractions. Studies have shown that on average, employees are interrupted by sound distractions every 11 minutes, leading to nearly 86 minutes of wasted work time daily.

The Impact of Noise on Productivity and Well-bein

Noise-related distractions can significantly hinder productivity and overall well-being in the workplace. The human auditory system naturally gravitates toward human voices, making it difficult to ignore conversations and other sounds in open spaces. Moreover, constant interruptions can lead to increased stress levels, errors, and burnout, ultimately affecting employee satisfaction and retention.

The Emergence of Acoustic Furniture Trends

To address the challenges posed by open offices and the need for noise reduction, acoustic furniture has emerged as a popular and effective solution. This type of furniture is specifically designed to absorb sound and reduce reverberations, allowing for a more tranquil and focused work environment.

Acoustic Furniture in the Hybrid Office

As hybrid work models become more prevalent, the demand for acoustic furniture that can accommodate both in-person and remote work has also grown. This furniture allows employees to transition seamlessly between collaborative and individual work modes and provides privacy for remote meetings and focused tasks.

Evolving Aesthetics

Acoustic furniture has come a long way in terms of design and aesthetics. Initially characterized by bold colors and oversized shapes, today's acoustic furniture offerings showcase a more refined and residential feel, blending seamlessly into modern office spaces.

Acoustic Furniture Solutions: Types and Applications

Individual Acoustic Pods

Individual acoustic pods, such as phone booths, offer a private and enclosed space for employees to make calls, attend remote meetings, or focus on concentrated tasks. These pods often come equipped with integrated power outlets, USB ports, and adjustable lighting, making them a versatile and functional addition to any workspace.

Team Acoustic Booths

Team acoustic booths provide a dedicated space for group collaboration and discussions while minimizing noise disruptions to the surrounding environment. These booths can be customized to accommodate various team sizes and often include technology integration for presentations and video conferencing.

Acoustic Lounge Seating

Acoustic lounge seating combines comfort and sound absorption to create cozy, semi-private spaces within the office. These seating arrangements encourage collaboration and connection among employees while still providing a sense of privacy and seclusion.

Acoustic Accessories

Acoustic accessories, such as wall panels, screens, and rugs, contribute to noise reduction in the workspace while also adding visual interest and style. These products come in a wide range of colors, materials, and designs, allowing businesses to customize the look and feel of their office environment.

Sound Absorbing Lighting and Lamps

Lighting fixtures designed with acoustic properties not only illuminate the workspace but also help to absorb sound and reduce noise levels. These innovative solutions offer both form and function, creating a more pleasant and productive work atmosphere.

Creating Acoustic Workspaces for Improved Productivity and Well-being

As the trend of acoustic furniture continues to grow, businesses have the opportunity to enhance their workspaces and prioritize employee well-being and productivity. By incorporating sound-absorbing furniture and accessories into office design, organizations can create spaces that support collaboration, focus, and overall employee satisfaction.


In conclusion, the rising popularity of acoustic furniture in modern workspaces has proven to be the sound of success for businesses worldwide. By incorporating these innovative designs, companies can create a more productive and comfortable environment for their employees, enhancing focus and reducing distractions.

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