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A Warranty is Good for Your Business

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

As Office Furniture Retailers and E-commerce stores, we are faced with a tough competitive scenario and have to constantly fight for business. As a USP, we would love to offer a solid Warranty to our customers but if we don't get a reciprocal warranty from our manufacturing partner, it becomes a cost that silently eats into our margins. The challenge is that many furniture manufacturers especially those who make entry level and low cost furniture, do not provide any warranty and that is a problem that many retailers face when sourcing office chairs, desks and workstations for resale.

Stellar Warranty on Office Furniture

A warranty is a product manufacturer or service provider's documented guarantee of quality as promised to you the furniture retailer and that you can further extend to your customers, helping them to get confidence and trust in your brand.

A Warranty provides your customers with legally-ensured service replacement or correction of issues insofar as the warranty stipulates in its conditions, for the duration of its term. A warranty's term generally commences at the date of delivery or provision. The document stipulates what is guaranteed and what repairs or remediations will be performed to ensure the promised quality of the service or good, failing these conditions.

Warranties commonly cover defects in workmanship or technical faults in the product. Support service for products may also be covered by warranty, ensuring not only that a product functions as intended but that the customer has assistance in understanding its operation.

A good warranty of sufficient term and backed by quality service helps ensure buyer confidence, fosters good customer relationships, promotes the sellers brand and as a rule, improves sales.

Stellar Chairs covered under Warranty

Warranty Coverage = Increased Profits

Here’s more about how the Stellar Warranty can benefit your business.

1. Increase consumer confidence in the product: Office Furniture is a huge and expensive asset for any commercial establishment. Therefore office owners obviously want to make the right choice that helps provide the best protection for their investment. A company that is confident enough in its products to offer a warranty gives consumers confidence in the product quality – and gives you a more attractive selling proposition.

2. Leverage the warranty to close the sale: Before making an Office Furniture purchase, Office owners typically compare the characteristics of competing brands. When brands are comparable in price and benefits, they look for other features that will help them make a final decision. In this case, a warranty may be what closes the sale for you.

3. Protect your reputation: Even one single negative review due to a manufacturing defect in your office furniture sale, may impact your business. The Stellar warranty means that you can offer your customers to get defects fixed at little or no cost, without resorting to negative reviews.

4. Build customer loyalty: An outstanding warranty helps to give customers peace of mind when making a major investment in Office Furniture. Providing customers not only with a great product, but a solution for how to fix anything if it has an issue, helps to build your status as a trusted business.

Stellar Warranty on Office Chairs

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