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5 Tips to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

As architects and interior designers when planning commercial projects, we need to consider how our office furniture and layouts will affect productivity in the workplace. High productivity leads to a healthy business and work culture. Productivity will increase when employees are happy, supported, and have the right equipment to perform their work tasks. There are many ways to create a better and more productive workplace, from drastic workload changes to something as simple as getting better ergonomic office chairs or designing breakout areas for collaboration and informal meetings in the office.

Making minor changes to habits and equipment can drastically improve your business's productivity and work efficiency. For this reason, here are five tips to increase productivity in the workplace.

1. Get good quality furniture

Comfortable, ergonomic chairs and well-designed office desks make employees look forward to coming to the office and make them enjoy their time at work. It is the biggest investment you make in the office interiors anyway, so may as well make sure that the furniture you choose, is of superior quality, lasts long, and comes with a warranty. Office Chair and Furniture manufacturers like Stellar help you choose from a wide variety of proprietary designs and own molds which give you a consistent look and feel across the office.

2. Limit unproductive meetings.

Limit the number of meetings since many meetings can become quite time-consuming and unproductive. Only scheduling meetings around topics that demand people to be present, such as business strategy and important announcements, will save you valuable time that can be spent on operational work. However, meetings can strengthen bonds and improve communication between teammates, so don't remove conventional meetings altogether. For instance, if your company offers remote work only, regular town hall meetings on Zoom can make employees feel connected. The community of a group can strengthen work morale, and in that way, boost productivity.

3. Encourage regular breaks.

A recipe for disaster is to look at your employees as faceless robots that clock in and out. This attitude will make your employees fatigued and cause burnout before you know it. They will soon feel miserable and lose the urge to do a good job. But to be understanding of their humanity and instead, encourage them to take regular breaks increases productivity. Frequent breaks will allow employees to recharge and approach work with more energy and "fresh eyes." For instance, the best ideas often come when taking a short walk outside to clear your head. Let your team know it's OK to go out in the fresh air and get away from the work desk for a while. Allowing time to recuperate can significantly boost productivity.

4. Use time-tracking software.

Time-tracking software can help monitor the productivity of your employees. Time-tracking software makes it easy for your team members to plan their day and know how long each task takes to complete. As a result, they will have more control over their schedule, which could lead to a boost in productivity. As an employer, you can use these time-tracking reports to see how your business is currently operating and if you need to change things to make it run more efficiently.

5. Recognize and reward your employees.

Recognizing employees when they do an excellent job can boost work morale and make them want to work even harder. Motivating and rewarding your team can cultivate a sense of fulfillment and inspire others to be more productive. For example, you can use internal communications systems, like Slack's Cheers-for-Peers (where leaders and teammates can give praise to each other) to announce well-executed work. Also, offering an individual pay rise or surprising your employee with a personal gift can motivate them to put in the extra effort.


Happy and motivated employees are essential for any business that wants to increase productivity. If you are planning an office, university, library, auditorium or any other commercial workspace project for yourself as an interior designer or architect, you must absolutely consider Stellar and discuss how importing the furniture you need could well save you a fortune and keep your client happy.

Stellar Global is an international office and hospital furniture manufacturing company that has been in the business for over 32 years and exports furniture to over 80 countries worldwide. We have helped plan and execute several large-scale projects in different parts of the world from co-working places to commercial offices, government buildings, and educational institutions - schools & colleges, libraries, auditoria, hospitals, operation theatres, and clinics. Stellar provides end-to-end support including 3D designing, workspace planning and providing renders to help you see in advance what your spaces will look like, after implementing various furniture items.

Get in touch with us if you're looking for a trusted office furniture manufacturer or if you're planning any large-scale commercial project and need help with any type of commercial furniture import.


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