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10 Tips for Office Furniture Stores to improve Customer Service

It is obvious that better customer service results in more satisfied customers and better business results. In times of tough competition, all businesses as well as Office Furniture Retail stores should employ industry best practices to improve their customer service standards. It would help you to stay ahead of the competition and perform better than the rest of the market if you do.

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Remember that if customers receive exceptionally good service, they may tell one or two people but if they experience poor service, we will surely tell ten to twelve others! Since word of mouth and online recommendations and referrals are often key drivers of new business, all companies should strive to achieve consistently high service levels. With that in mind, here are 10 practical tips on how to improve customer service in your company: (Tip - Point 10 is the most important)

1. Understand customer's office furniture needs

The more you get to know your customers, the more you are likely to understand customer needs and expectations. What tools do we have to capture important customer information? For example, there are simple spreadsheets to full CRM systems that can help you capture customer information.

2. Seek and promote customer feedback

There are many ways to find out what your customers think about the organisation. Do your customers have the opportunity to provide testimonials and online reviews? This is especially important today as new customers are likely to check your online reviews to establish trust in your business.

3. Set and communicate clear service standards

Set some simple customer service standards that team members can easily understand and implement. Consider your main customer contact point, so there is a consistency of approach throughout the customer experience.

4. Delight your customers by exceeding their expectations

How often are your customers delighted by receiving something more than they were expecting and of value to them? Surprising your customer in this way, as long as their basic needs are being met, can engender customer appreciation and future loyalty.

5. Personalise your customer service

Take time to engage with your customers to find out what their needs really are. As a result, you will be able to provide customers with product or service options to fully meet their needs. This will really help, as you strive to improve customer service standards.

6. Invest in customer service training

Choose a training provider who will really get to know your business and who can support your business strategy and service standards. An experienced and engaging training provider will be able to support you and your team in delivering personalised, tailored customer service, in a sustainable way.

7. Make it easy for customers to complain

Consider how easy is it for your customers to make their concerns and complaints known to you. An easy process will capture the full extent of your customers’ experiences and enable you to really improve customer service. It will also help prevent future customer complaints.

8. Find out what’s really going on

Shadow team members in the organisation to find out what is really going on. Choose different functions and team members that will give you the whole view of how customer needs are being fulfilled within the organisation. Then on several occasions observe and work closely with these staff members. This will show you how your systems and processes affect the customer. Importantly, it will also identify what obstacles get in the way of delivering consistently high levels of customer service. Hence choose team members who are open and keen to support the initiative.

9. Build a customer-focused team culture

These teams are built and maintained by focusing all their communications, performance measures and processes on the customer. Ensure job roles are clearly defined and focused on the customer. As a result, team members can see how they contribute to the wider customer service strategy and goals.

10. Treat your staff as you treat your customers

‘Behaviour breeds behaviour’ and happy staff lead to happy customers. Hence paying as much attention to the needs of your staff as you do your customers will help improve your overall customer service.

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Stellar boasts among the highest levels of customer service and retention in the industry and we invest significant time, energy and resources in improving our customer service standards keeping them ahead of the industry standards.

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