Stellar Partners

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Your role as a business partner

As an architect, designer, project management consultant or an independent sales agent, you advise your clients about various facets of their office workspaces including design, materials, space utilisation, lighting, acoustics, tiles, wall coverings etc. When you partner with Stellar, you extend your capabilities to be able to offer cutting edge knowledge and expert advise on all kinds of office and hospital furniture, expanding your repertoire and business portfolio. Come talk to us, to know more about the Stellar Partner Program.

Support you can expect

We look at Business Partners as an extended arm of the company. You can better represent the company in your local market and cut across language & cultural barriers, leading to better customer engagement. Therefore, we at Stellar look at our partners as the 'face of the company' and fully support you with product information, commercial understanding & training and undertake all the backend work like preparing proposals, quotations, answering technical queries and obviously undertaking the sourcing of raw material, manufacturing, quality control, inspections, documentation and logistics. Essentially we go with you through the entire process in a collaborative and constructive manner, to find mutually beneficial solutions.