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A legacy of exporting to over 80 countries worldwide, since the last 31 years


Medical Furniture

Stellar offers medical beds, trollies, stretchers, wheelchairs and a whole lot of products specially designed for the hospital and healthcare industry.

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Office Furniture

Everything a modern office needs, from reception tables, desks and chairs to workstations, storage systems, partitions and anything else you may need.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Stellar invests in developing its own moulds and has patented designs for high quality office chairs that go through stringent quality tests, ensuring you get latest designs of super strong chairs, that last really really long. Meeting international quality standards like BIFMA, ANSI, EN and ISO, we have among the largest collection of chairs, which are also customisable according to your needs, so you get an almost endless selection of chairs, to choose from.

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Your bridge to China

Many of us are hesitant to explore buying from China and to take advantage of the economies of scale arising from manufacturing efficiencies that it represents, because of language barriers & trust issues. Stellar as a multi-national furniture manufacturing company, has its own factories in China and an international sales and support team that is fluent in English and who can help you source from China conveniently, without the related hassles. We support customers in all areas related to production, quality control, documentation and logistics, making it a breeze, to buy high quality office & medical furniture at unbeatable prices, directly from China.

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