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There is a pervasive lifestyle shift we are seeing worldwide, leading to new products and categories emerging in the furniture industry as well as in many others. Gaming chairs are an example of one such product that were already there but have suddenly become extremely popular. We also offer a complete range of Desks, Workstations, Storage, Ergonomic chairs and everything else that a furniture store or retail chain needs. Connect with us if you're looking for gaming chairs for your store!


For everything else you need for your furniture store, please feel free to get in touch with us.


That help us understand the unique requirements of office and hospital furniture buyers in each country and proactively adapt our manufacturing processes to meet and exceed these standards, for your trust, confidence and complete peace of mind when you are importing furniture from Stellar anywhere worldwide!


From Series 5 to 25, each Stellar collection is a cohesive set of products, that are designed with passion and precision engineered at our own manufacturing facility. These high quality desks, workstations, partitions, storage units and ergonomic chairs are matched with care so that your whole office reflects a common style and identity.

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With the Covid-19 pandemic having made it difficult to travel, many of our clients are finding it difficult to visit our factory, so we thought of bringing the factory to your computer screen.  Click on the link below, to experience a virtual reality 3D tour of our factory.


Stellar Showroom 2.jpg
Stellar Showroom.jpg
Stellar Showroom 3.jpg

Yes we absolutely love to show off! For all the latest office desks, ergonomic chairs, workstations, partitions, sofas and everything else that a modern office like yours needs, click on the link below, to experience a virtual reality 3D tour of our showroom.


As an architect, designer, project management consultant or an independent sales agent, you advise your clients about various facets of their office workspaces including design, materials, space utilisation, lighting, acoustics etc. When you partner with Stellar, you extend your capabilities to be able to offer cutting edge knowledge and expert advise on all kinds of office and hospital furniture, expanding your repertoire and business portfolio. Come talk to us, to know more about the Stellar Partner Program.

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