Stellar Chairs

Ergonomics has become a buzzword for office chairs and these state of the art chairs are scientifically designed, with the latest features to enable you to work comfortably for long hours and to support your high pressure productivity centred work life. Since we invest in own patented moulds & designs, we can offer you an almost infinite collection of chairs, in every shape, size, material and colour. Around that, we also offer a complete range of Desks, Workstations, Storage cabinets, Partitions and everything else your modern office needs. Connect with us if you're looking for desks for your own office or for your store!

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Let's Meet Online

We love having friends and customers over at our factory, to see our production lines, quality inspection facilities & showroom. However, Covid has put a spanner in the works and we cannot welcome you till things become better again. In the meantime, may we invite you to join an initiative to keep business moving and meet us online? Let's have a cup of virtual coffee together.